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Ocean TV, working with its partner, Sedona Healing Yoga, has developed an extensive series of Taoist Healing Yoga and meditative video programs designed to heal and strengthen your body, mind and soul. Located in Sedona, Arizona, one of the top spiritual epicenters in America, Haejung Ocean, owner and master teacher at the Sedona Healing Yoga Center, now makes available to you the same practices and methods that people come from all parts of the world to Sedona and to her, to experience. Now, you can have this exceptional opportunity in your home, on demand, when you want it.

The video library consists of a multitude of different practices; each is focused on a specific area of your body and energy field. But these classes are much more than just physical yoga. Taoist Healing Yoga classes are designed to open your 12 meridians and energy points and your 7 chakras for a deeper meditation. You will feel the “Energy Ocean” with Haejung’s classes. It will cleanse your physical and emotional stagnant energy.

We can also plan a travel/discovery experience for you here in Sedona, by participating in our classes and programs. Come, join us. Send us a message for more information.

How important is your body’s health and mental health to you? It’s time to take a step forward and rejuvenate your body mind and spirit. Come join us in beginning a new, healthier life.

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Ocean TV Introduction
Haejung Ocean is the creator of Ocean TV and owner of Sedona Healing Yoga. Haejung (해정, translated from Korean as “Ocean of Justice“), developed this video program to help awaken in each of us, the nourishment our body and souls need for better health and happiness and also to cleanse your soul’s energy.

She was raised in South Korea where she received a BS degree in computer science. After relocating to Sedona, Arizona, she managed a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization specializing in teaching healthier living through yoga, meditation and the practice of TAO. In 2016 she decided she could better help others by having her own organization and created Ocean TV and opened up the Sedona Healing Yoga center.

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Join Ocean TV’s “Sedona Healing Yoga” program of extensive videos to strengthen your body, make it more flexible and to help cleanse your emotional energy. Practice the specific body-toning and cleansing meditation program that’s right for you when you want it 24/7, to meet your body and soul’s specific needs.

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