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Is it about time for a change, a new direction in your life? Join Haejung Ocean on one of her personalized or group retreats to reinvigorate your life with a “new vision” for your future while enjoying the beauty and soulfulness of Sedona and the Southwest US, or in our Global Tours, another part of the world. The retreats combine Taoist Healing Yoga to heal and strengthen one’s body with meditation to repair and open one’s soulfulness. Combine this with a personalized tour of the unbelievable beauty of Sedona, or on longer retreats. In our Global Retreats we open up another part of the world to you. Your time with Haejung Ocean can help you heal yourself and open your life to new possibilities. It’s time to rediscover yourself.

Twice a year Haejung Ocean will have a Global Retreat in a worldwide location chosen for its spirituality and aesthetic beauty. Locations will include places such as India, Peru, Tuscany, South Africa, Hawaii, and many more. Running about 12 – 14 days, the small group will enjoy this personalized retreat which includes Taoist Healing Yoga classes, travel to spiritual sites, wonderful accommodations, and excellent food. There will also be focused healings and meditation. Haejung will have dedicated one-on-one consultations with each individual and group get-togethers. In many locations, the group will be joined by local regional specialists, spiritual masters, and shamans. Come, join us!

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South Korea

South Africa





Date: Jun 2019 (Space Available!)

While many people come to Peru to see the country’s many spectacular sites like Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Amazon Jungle, many more flock to Peru for its spiritual elements and mysteries. From sacred mountains, called Apu, to protective spirits, and ancient legends, Peru and its indigenous cultures are rooted in spirituality. This 14 day trip will start in Peru’s capital of Lima and then fly to its most sacred city, Cusco. Travel through the Sacred Valley and visit Machu Picchu. For more information and pricing, please contact the Ocean TV team.

South Africa

Date: Dec 2018 (Sold Out!)

Surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, South Africa contains some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. Enjoy a personalized wildlife safari. Watch penguins on the southern coast. It’s summer in December in this land of natural contrasts, from sparkling Cape Town to the delightful town of Stellenbosch, whose shaded streets are filled with history and vibrant college life, surrounded by majestic mountains and vineyards stretching to the ocean. Your rustic Auberge is just close enough to get around to the urban, harbor sights on South Africa’s southwest coast, yet also relax in the quiet of the countryside where boutique vinegars are made.

The first week your day will look like this: Yoga – Breakfast – Local Tours to prepare you for the road on the 14th, when you are launched to distant places! Budget at least $18/day for food (though breakfast is included, and so is lunch at the Game Preserve)

South Korea

Date: Jun 2018

With its 5,000 year old culture and some of the world’s most modern cities, come discover the essence of Korea. Visit Seoul and a multitude of ancient sites that covers a 2000 year old dynasty. Enjoy two temple stays in 1500 years old temples in the mountains and at the beach.

Tuscany Italy

Date: Jul 2016

With its wine-soaked villages, art-rich cities, swathes of olive groves and truffle fields, Tuscany epitomizes the essence of Italy. Stay with us in a 5th century monastery, enjoy home-made cooked meals, Travel to the mountains and the Mediterranean coast. Travel to Tuscany with us and walk in the footsteps of history.

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