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Flamoyant hibiscusHibiscus flower sepals are used and consumed worldwide. It’s bursting with vitamin C, caffeine-free, it reduces cholesterol and blood pressure and enriches the immune system. It is delicately perfumed, a lovely colour and has a tantalising flavour., robust rosehipWhen a rose bloom dies, the remaining fruit is called rosehip. The taste, reminiscent of cranberries, is piquant. Rosehips contain abundant Vitamins C, D and E, and make an excellent blood purifier. Use rosehips for respiratory infections, gastrointestinal discomfort and to boost the immune system., elderflowerThe healing properties of the elderflower (Sambucus nigra) include: the reduction chest ailments, fever and inflammation., and vanilla beanThe Melipona bee, native to Mexico, is the only creature that pollinates vanilla flowers naturally. Small wonder raw vanilla is so expensive, second only to saffron. flavor this aromatic vinegar, adding a healthy piquancy to dressings, summer fruits, and salsa.

Ocean TV is proud to work with Rozendal Farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa to provide a select variety of botanical vinegars to help reinforce your immune system and improve your health.

Rozendal follows the traditional French Orleans method of vinegar making. Vinegar is made from a blend of red wine cultivars and activated by an indigenous “mother” culture originating from the farm’s first vinegar of 1988. The balsam is naturally fermented in small oak barrels, the outcome perfected by extended oak maturation over a 12 year solera system. The result is a Balsamic-style vinegar; balanced in sweetness and acidity and offering a robust tonic and chef’s essential. But the real character of this vinegar range lies in the botanical infusions, carefully selected for their culinary and health-enhancing properties.

Youtube Watch a seminar about vinegar given by Kurt Ammann at Sedona Healing Yoga

12.68 fl oz (375 ml) bottle, 6% acidity
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