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The Ancient Wisdom of Tao

Join Haejung Ocean’s lecture series on understanding and utilizing Tao in your life. The Tao is not a religion, but is often translated as “The Way”, or “The Path”. It can be described as the force or power of all things, the cosmic force in all reality, the life source. All things derive from it and return to it.

Haejung Ocean describes it as “The Law”. Taoism teaches a person to flow with life. Once you understand the Universal Law, you will find the path in your life. With the Tao you can discover your Authentic Identity by getting back to the oneness of living in the Divine Consciousness. Through discovering these truths we can become the creators of our universe instead of being passive observers. We can learn to live life in the boundlessness of the now, verses living in the prison of the Ego. Taoism teaches a person to live in their heart. Let Haejung Ocean help you understand and utilize Tao.

Tao Talks

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